Today in the city Soledad 18.01.2019
Washington Post ponders if kids should sit on Santa’s lap amid #MeToo movement

The Washington Post published a story this week questioning whether or not children should sit on Santa Claus’ lap amid the #MeToo movement.

This is why you should always decant your wine — Champagne included

Maximilian Riedel, CEO of glassware company Riedel, believes every wine should be decanted — even Champagne. For old wines, this is because sediment settles at the bottom of the bottle. For new...

Russia Says Gaddafi's Son Should Play Role in Libyan Politics: RIA

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the most prominent son of the former Libyan leader, should play a role in his country's political life,...

Beyond Plastic - Why A Cashless Society Should Be A Cardless One

A better vision of a cashless society should be built around people’s funded decentralized digital identities.

5 Things Young Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Starting A Business

Generation Z is already having an impact on the business world. If you're an aspiring young entrepreneur, here are five things you should do that can increase your chances of building a profitable bus...

The wall fight should go into January. This is the GOP's last best chance to push for border security

President Trump should sign a measure to fund the government through December 31. He then should keep Congress in town, voting around the clock except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

5 Reasons Why 2019 Should Be One Of The Best Years In Denver Nuggets Franchise History

What will the New Year hold in store for the Denver Nuggets? With the return of their injured players and a continuation of their upward trajectory, it should be their indisputable arrival as an emerg...

The Top Skill You Should Work On In 2019

Next year will be THE year, next year you will be successful, next year you will stick to your New Year’s resolution and everything will be better. What if you started as soon as tomorrow to work on y...

William Barr should be confirmed as attorney general – nothing in his Mueller memo disqualifies him

The Senate confirmation of William Barr to become attorney general should be an easy matter, even in Washington. After all, he previously held the position with distinction. 

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